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How to care for teak wood furniture first is how to deal with teak and jepara furniture made of wood must be careful. For example, if you want to move a chair out of wood, you touched a wooden chair lift properly. Yaiut by lifting the seat and not be moved by sliding or removed only on the back support only. With a little attention memberihkan wooden furniture, wooden furniture undoubtedly you can last longer.

How to care for indonesia furniture second is to polish the teak wood. If you include people who like natural teak wood furniture color, you can use a liquid oil to polish furniture teak or teak furniture you. Polishing is required regularly to keep teak furniture remains glossy, captivating, and even antiques.

Indonesia Furniture
Indonesia Furniture

How to treat indonesia furniture manufacturer of teak third is diligently cleaned every day. Care what you have to do every day? Which is enough to sweep and wipe the surface of the wooden tables, wooden furniture, wooden chairs, indoor teak furniture or other wooden duster or soft denganlap evenly. Pay attention to the parts that are difficult to clean, for example in the carvings.

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To maintain the beauty of the color of the wood and extend the protection of the coating layer, you can use the Biopolis to polish wood furniture coating. Diligent polishing layer of wood furniture is important especially if you put wood furniture outdoors.

Thus the full review tips to clean furniture of wood and review how to care for teak wood furniture. Having regard to the wood furniture cleaning tips and how to care for wooden furniture, we hope wooden tables, wooden chairs, wooden furniture, and other wood furniture you can always clean, shiny, durable, long lasting, and more antique. Aritkel Hopefully this is useful to you. Thanks. Do you also install hardwood flooring in your home? If yes, do not forget to read the article how clean the parquet wood flooring in order to clean and durable.

Teak and Jepara Wood Furniture From Indonesia

The products of our furniture is made to order, the buyer should determine the specifications for each item you want to order. The type and quality of wood, size, color finishing, upholstery, accessories, and features can be changed according to customer wishes.

Teak garden furniture

Of course, prices will change according to changes in the specifications that you create. Cheap furniture prices if the size is reduced, the number of features such as a drawer or door is reduced, accessories and upholstery specifications lowered. The use of fabric or synthetic leather on leather couches and chairs would make the price of teak furniture upholstery mengginakan much cheaper.

Teak Wood Furniture
Teak Wood Furniture

Indoor teak furniture

Backed by skilled and experienced workers, carpenters, sculptors, carvers and carpenters have been exporting our furniture finishing chairs, sofas, tables, beds, and other interiors for our customers in different countries. With long experience and dedication in the production of wooden furniture, we provide design, the finest materials, construction and the right structure, smooth finishing, supported by production management with high performance.

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With regular maintenance is then you will be durable furniture products of all time and could be a family legacy furniture. Let's increase the use of teak and mahogany indonesia furniture in the country to help preserve the art of carving and furniture Jepara and develop as a wealth of Indonesian products.
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